A worldwide fan and family favorite… Our poultry products! When it comes to all things poultry, Wichita Packing Co. has your back to the fullest extent. We’re proud to source, craft, and deliver the highest quality, and best tasting poultry products that money can buy. Whether you’re looking for chicken breasts, legs, thighs, tenders, or whole chickens, Wichita Packing Co. offers it all! Wichita Packing Co.’s poultry products will not only meet both your needs, and expectations, but exceed them.

Package Details:

Size: Varies by poultry product.
Quantity: Varies by poultry product.
Shelf Life: Fresh 10 days from first shipping date. Frozen 12 months from first shipping date.
Ingredients: Poultry, water, seasoning (salt), natural flavoring,
Allergen Information: None

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