Pork Loin Back Ribs
The highest quality, most consistent pork loin back product on the market. Specially boned to be meaty and even, ham end to shoulder end. Individually hand graded to the strictest specifications in order to provide consistency and uniformity throughout. The ribs arrive to you skin on or skin off, trimmed to a plate ready state ready to be cooked and served.


Pork Loin Back Rib CC
The same high quality butcher loins as our twelve bone ribs, only a ten-bone minimum per slab. These ribs are great for a hearty full slab combination or an inexpensive half slab portion. Also, sold as extra square ribs. Available skin on or skin off.


Pork St. Louis Style
These ribs are individually hand cut along the natural fall line of the ribs or to your custom specification from the finest quality pork spare ribs. Available to your exact specifications and trim requirements. Natural cut or Railroad cut. Graded to the strictest specifications and packed with a guaranteed slab count per box.


Pork Spare Rib Brisket
Full cut, meaty and consistent best describes Wichita Rib Tips. This fine BBQ item is cut only from the highest quality spare ribs and packed in a 30-pound or net weight box. Available in wide or regular.


Boneless Center Cut Pork Loins
The finest available. Belly strip removed with a maximum fat cover of 1/8", vacuum packed and fresh frozen. These loins are squared off at the shoulder and ham ends. Packed catch weight with five pieces per box (average box weight of 30 pounds). Cut thick for an extra lean boneless chop, sliced thin for a top quality pork sandwich, or any number of gourmet dishes.


Bone In Center Cut Pork Chops
Pork Loin Chops, Center-Cut, Chine Bone Off. Available cut 1 ½" or 1" packed in catch weight boxes. Custom Cuts Available with advance order. Portion Control Chops, Boneless Chops, Specified Tail Chops to 2".


Split Ribs
Take your pick: Baby Backs or St. Louis Style ribs cut down the middle. Average weight, approximately one pound per strip. Perfect for a buffet or appetizer tray.


Rib Pieces
An inexpensive one to five bone St. Louis Style Spare Rib piece. 10# or 30# bulk pack


B.R.T. Ham
A boneless, rolled and tied ham with all the cartilage, skin, flank muscle and false lean removed. Average weight 6 pounds each, packed two per case. This item is your cost effective, easy to use pulled pork sandwich answer.


Pork Butts
High quality, extra-trim (1/4" Max.) vacuum-packed pork butts. Available bone in or boneless.


Pork Spare Ribs
The finest, meatiest spare ribs, layer packed and boxed fresh/frozen for your convenience. Available sized 3.9 Dn.


Hard Bone
Off The same gorgeous spare ribs with the sternum bone removed.


Beef Ribs
The beef ribs are specially prepared to be meaty. Not gouged between the bones and naked like commodity beef ribs. The chine bone is removed giving the customer an easy bone-by-bone removal from the slab. This rib is even peeled so it cooks tender and delicious. Can be split lengthwise by special order.


Lean strips of tender loin meat made famous in the casual dining arena are the perfect appetizer or buffet item. Available raw or slow smoked and fully cooked.


Cooked Rib Tips
Wichita rib tips cooked with a natural hickory smoke, chopped into bite size pieces and packed in a ten-pound box with Sweet Baby Ray's award winning sauce. Heat and serve this delicious meal at a cost of less $1.00 per order.


Box In/Box Out
All commodity pork items available to meet your procurement and cost control needs. Nobody buys better, works closer or stands behind their product prouder than Wichita Packing Company. Call for details.


All of our fine products are available fully cooked to your specifications in a U.S.D.A. federally inspected and approved package. We have many cooked items in stock and on special. Ask for details…


Custom Processing
If we don't have it or you cannot get your specifications met by your current supplier, give us a call. We will produce it to your exact specifications at a reasonable price and have it available when you need it.