About Us

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Family Owned, World Renowned, Since 1963

Since 1963, Wichita Packing Company has continued evolving into what it is today. A third-generation family-owned corporation with global distribution, and is the leading independent provider of pork ribs in the country. Our company’s roots begin in our strong reputation as a worldwide provider of consistent, quality products. Whether a single unit or an international franchise, we aim to work with you to deliver quality products based on your specific needs. The basic specifications we consider are plate cost and presentation, cooking method, inventory management, and any other special requirements.

Once we assess your needs and specifications, it’s our commitment to provide a high-quality product that meets or exceeds expectations consistently. Whether it is our individually graded Pork Loin Back Ribs, our hand-cut St. Louis Style Ribs, or one of our distribution items, you can be sure of us providing the quality, flavor and value that our customers demand as routinely needed.

Our commitment

Wichita Packing Company will guarantee customer satisfaction for all products that we manufacture and sell under our establishment number (USDA Est. 6765). It’s our intention to provide our customers with a product that not only adheres to their specifications. Not only that, we guarantee it will exceed expectations. In the event that there is a reasonable and identifiable problem with the product, let us know. Wichita Packing Company will refund or exchange any product not prepared fully or correctly.

Wichita Packing Company’s main purpose, you ask? To provide quality meats to customers who trust us to source the highest quality ingredients to their exact specifications. We value this trust and are committed to earning it with every order.