Our Sustainability Mission:

Wichita Packing Company is devoted to delivering premium meat products to our customers while also making sustainability a top priority in our operations. We recognize that meat production and consumption can greatly affect the environment, and we are dedicated to reducing that impact through responsible and sustainable practices. Furthermore, we utilize every part of the animals involved in our processes.

To guarantee that we meet our sustainability objectives, we and our suppliers and distribution partners undergo regular third-party audits and certifications to assess food safety, environmental impact, and social impact. These audits include evaluations of our waste management, energy and water consumption, carbon emissions, and labor practices. We apply the results of these audits to continuously enhance our sustainability efforts and demonstrate our commitment to our customers.

We endeavor to ensure that our meat products are obtained from suppliers who share our commitment to sustainability and animal welfare. We prioritize environmentally friendly packaging and work tirelessly to reduce waste and our carbon footprint whenever possible. Moreover, we proactively seek new solutions to decrease water and energy consumption.

Our commitment to sustainability goes beyond our internal operations to our involvement in the wider community. We are dedicated to supporting midwestern farmers and co-op businesses, and we actively seek opportunities to engage with and educate our customers on the significance of sustainability and responsible consumption.

At Wichita Packing Company, we believe that we are responsible to our customers and the planet to operate sustainably. We will continue to invest in and prioritize sustainability initiatives and third-party audits to ensure we positively impact the world.